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      DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Heyuan

      As a leader in providing professional lighting system solutions, POSO is rigorous for each project. Hilton Heyuan is located in the new commercial center of Heyuan City. Before providing the services, POSO would investigate the project in terms of the architectural style, materials and decorative embellishments.

      Considering the positioning and features of the hotel, POSO developed a set of lighting solutions that are safe, energy-saving, easy to operate and meet the expectation, which is in line with the company’s principles. Increase the hotel value by using the art of light and shadow; help the hotel to achieve sustainable developments with our lights.


      Zengcheng Wanda Plaza

      Zengcheng Wanda Plaza, the new landmark building and the commercial center, is the third building constructed by Wanda Group in Guangzhou. It is located in the administrative center as well as the cultural center of Zengcheng city with a construction area of 400,000 square meters.

      POSO keep working with Wanda Group during the process of entering the national market and providing Wanda Group with excellent lighting services. At the same time, the recognition of Wanda Group helping POSO to improve the quality of products and services, especially in the design and after-sales service.


      RMK Clothing Store

      RMK brand is a well-known lady clothing brand in China. The high-intensity and high-quality spotlights can brighten the color of the clothes, hence enhancing the image of the store. The high-efficiency SMD light source reflects the quality of the apparel. At the same time, the symmetrical adjustable 30° track lights can be switched at any angles to meet the requirements. The lights focus on the same point, which effectively enhances the sense of space and layering.


      Hangzhou Qianjiang Xixi Hejing

      Qianjiang Xixi Hejing is consist of 15 multi-storey low-rise neoclassical buildings, business mansions and the enterprise buildings. POSO provides a complete lighting system solution for the client.

      POSO starts with project positioning. Considering the functional attributes and brand positioning, the company decides to adopt advanced lighting design techniques and high-quality lighting products to enhance the operational convenience and energy efficiency. In the two-year period, POSO continuous follow the operation of the project and committed to provide a humanized and comfortable lighting atmosphere.


      Wanda Wuhan Hanxiu Theater

      Wuhan Hanxiu Theater is a theater jointly built by Wanda Group and Frank Degong Entertainment Group. It is built for Hanxiu and stands by the Wuhan East Lake with the image of traditional Chinese ‘red lanterns’.

      In the process of providing lighting solutions for Hanxiu Theater, POSO sent a professional team composed of directors and product managers to conduct the investigations, studying the project connotation, positioning characteristics of the culture. Through an advanced lighting design software, DIALux, the project team is able to simulate the lighting effects, trying to illustrate the Chinese culture with our lights.

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